11 Months Old

Markey turned 11 months old last Wednesday. We have now officially started the countdown to his birthday. He is such a mess but is such a good little guy. He is still very regular about taking naps, eating, and going to sleep. 2 naps a day around 9 and then again around 1. He eats 3 big meals and still has 4 bottles. This month I am going to try to start switching his bottle to a sippy cup. I wanted to start this last month but he got his first ear infection and then we just kinda got off. So, I am going to start this month.

The crazy thing this month is he started walking! So amazing. He started about halfway through the month and by his 11 month birthday he was walking more than he was crawling. You can tell he is a very determined little boy.

Still no teeth. When teeth do start coming in I am really going to miss this gummy smile! He is also climbing on everything.

We finally were able to schedule a time that worked with our family to get him baptized. Now he is a little catholic boy!



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