Wednesday Weekend Wrap-Up

1.  We went to Pensacola on Friday to pick up the headsail from Schurr Sails. They did a great job so we left the spinnaker with them as well. It is a brand new sail that had only been flown once or twice with the previous owner. So, it didn't need as much work, which is good. Next thing is to clean the headsail.

2.  While we were in Pensacola we stopped and ate lunch downtown at Jaco's Bayfront Bar and Grille. It was one of the 3 or 4 times we have been out to eat as a family. We thoroughly enjoyed it. And Markey did great! He people watched, ate some finger foods, and talked to us.

3.  Mark took the stove out of the boat in preparation for installing our new one we ordered last weekend. He put it back together and is thinking about selling it on a cruiser forum, after we get the new one installed and running of course.

4.  He cleaned and painted behind where the stove was. It was grungy and now looks brand new.

5.  I finished installing the grommets on the canvas cockpit barriers and put it on the boat. I think they turned out pretty good. I also ordered all the materials I need to make the connector from the dodger and bimini.

6.  We finished the teak and installed it on the boat. Mark put an entire tube of  BoatLife sealant under it to seal it. We got the cleat and winch bolted on and hopefully the leak will be fixed. The Cetol turned out looking very good. So, we have decided to let the rest of the teak on the outside of the boat fail and after it fails use Cetol to protect it.



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