Wednesday Weekend Wrap-Up

1.  Mark has been trying to rehab our old Richmond Ring Shipmate stove. One of the stove burners was leaking at the seal, which forced us to replace that burner valve. There was also a leak around the oven temp. control. The control is attached to a flange that is threaded into the main stove manifold. It turns out the flange was bent, and wouldn't seal on the control. Well, one new flange later, and the stove is still leaking somewhere.

Mark isolated the propane leak to the stove. We have a shut-off valve just before the hose pig-tail into the stove. With the shut-off closed there is no loss of pressure. Which means there's no leak between the shut-off valve and the propane tank. With the valve open and the connection plugged between the end of the pig-tail and the stove, there's no loss of pressure. So, there's no leak there either. When the stove is added back to the system, the pressure drops.  Defender was having a big sale over the weekend, so we decided to just splurge and get a new stove, rather than muck around with the old one. We'll make a post on the old stove removal and the new stove installation.

2.  Mark ordered some new material for the icebox seal and installed it. Now the box is finished, and all that is left is to install the actual refrigeration system. Again, thankfully Defender was having a sale, so we blew some more boat bucks on the refrigerator. We'll do a longer post on this project too.

3. I made some cockpit barriers to provide some shade, and to keep Markey & Samson in the boat. Still need to install the grommets and hang them on the lifelines, but I think that they're going to work.

4.  We think we found our port side leak. It looks like it's leaking around the port cockpit winch and cleat. They're both mounted on this huge hunk of teak that had probably been on the boat for 30 years. Mark got it off, with just mild force, and there was no bedding material under the teak pad, which was actually two pieces. Mark started refinishing the teak by sanding the heck out of it and reassembling the two separate pieces. We're going to try Cetol Natural out rather than varnish, and see how it holds up.  I will be putting more coats on it this week, as one coat can only be applied every 24 hrs., and we will put it all back together this weekend.

5.  My brother, his wife, and my nephew came to see us on Saturday. I let Markey stay up late, so he could see them. And, he did so well. He really likes to be around people.

6.  Markey started to sit up and try and look out the sides of the stroller. So, this weekend I turned him around so that he could see everything. I have really enjoyed this stroller. It is one of the things I use everyday, and I am really thankful for it. It helps that Markey loves it too.



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