Wednesday Weekend Wrap-Up

1.  We still have a leak. We thought we were able to get it resolved, but no such luck. There is still water coming in from somewhere. We went out to the boat on Saturday. While Markey drank his bottle, I sprayed all the fittings that are bolted through the deck with the hose and Mark looked inside to see if they leaked. We only discovered 2 things, one of the midship cleats and a jib sheet winch. So, maybe this weekend we can get those rebed and stop the slow leaks.

2. Mark is still working diligently on the icebox, soon to be a wonderful refrigerator. He finally finished the insulation. Then he fiberglassed, sanded, and painted the box with bilgekote over the weekend. Once he put the top on he noticed that it was not flush with the countertop....uh-oh. It needs to be flush since it occupies significant counter space in the galley.  He used some EPDM rubber that we had on hand for the seals, but it was a little too thick. So, he ordered a different seal so the top will hopefully fit nice and flush. There will be a long post on this project from start to finish coming up soon.

3. I started cutting the wood, fabric, and screen for the companion way screen I'm making. I've also been looking at different boats cockpit enclosures. I'm really trying to get brave and test my mad sewing skills out.

4. We took the headsail down to take to Schurr Sails in Pensacola to get it looked at. We know there are some spots where the stitching has pulled out, so we need those places to get re-stitched. Also, the sun cover is failing. The sail luff protection was made with UV treated dacron, and it only lasts about five years. Here it is almost five years later, and it needs replacing. We're going with the more traditional Sunbrella as a uv protector this time, which should last longer .

 5.  Markey learned to crawl last week, and this weekend he learned to push himself up to sit. He has been sitting unsupported for a few months, but he just now figured out how to get to the sitting position. We moved his bed down, because I looked at the monitor and he had pulled himself up on his knees and was looking over the railing.  Yikes. I realized how fast he is growing up, and that I am really not ready for. I wish time would slow down!!

It was a family affair. I hope this weekend will be just as nice as this past one.



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