Shore Power

One of the projects we worked on last weekend was cleaning up the shore power cord and installing a new Smartplug shore power outlet and plug.

I cleaned up the crud on the shore power cord and I think it turned out very nice. I don't have a before picture, but just think about what a rotten banana looks like and you'll have a pretty good idea.

Mark installed the Smartplug on the boat and the plug for the power cord.  Smartplug makes a kit to retrofit the male end of the plug with our old cord. We changed from the old Marinco / Hubbell style plug, because we were getting excess resistance and some other ill effects from the old style. Plus, the Smartplug design is so much safer. It protects against water intrusion, makes a tighter connection and, best of all, has a built in circuit breaker. It is not well know, but more people lose their boat due to fire than any other cause.

I'll have to say, Mark has become a serious mister handyman! My grandfather was from the delta and was a mister fix it. He built his house, would fix our lawnmower all the time, and had every tool you could imagine. Mark is starting to remind me of him. If he doesn't know what he is doing, he reads about it and figures it out. This will all come in handy while living on our boat.

Markey was just watching the birds and enjoying being outside!



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