Projects and Practicing

We are trying to get the last few things marked off our Boativated list so we can start enjoying the boat this season.

Here are some of the projects we have been doing

1.  I guess I do come in handy sometimes on the boat. I have some mad skills at splicing rope together. I did 4 of these and I feel like it took me forever. This holds our boat to the dock and I think they look good.

2.  We have had leaky stanchions for about two months. We have redone them 3 times. Over the weekend we tried to fix them one last time using neoprene. I believe they are FIXED!! Yay, no more leaks. The one leak was over where Markey will be sleeping so that would not be good.

3.  Mark is busy working on turning the icebox into a refrigerator. He has been insulating and now is putting fiberglass in it so it will look like a refrigerator. In the next 2 weeks we hope to have this project finished!

4.  Markey has been busy practicing crawling. He will even practice in his crib. He has been scooting backwards and rocking so hard but not a complete forward movement as of yet. I think he is very determined and gets frustrated when he can't do it. Very soon little one, very soon.



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