What Helped Us Through

All babies are different and what works with one doesn't always work with others. Here is a list of what has helped us through the first 3 months....

 1. Gas Drops/Gripe Water:  As I have said before, my son gets the gas. We would have not made it through the first 3 months without gas drops or gripe water. You can get both at any pharmacy. The cheapest are at Walmart or Target. 

 2.Rock and Play Sleeper:  He would only sleep in this for the first few months. It vibrates and is at an incline which helped him go to sleep. After week 6 he was sleeping in his crib at night, but this thing was a lifesaver.

3. Swaddlers- We loved our Aden and Anais swaddlers. They snap and keep him snug. He is still using them for his afternoon nap and at night, but is in a Large because he is a big guy.

4. Dr. Browns- Since my milk never came in, we have tried all kinds of bottles. Dr. Brown is the best!

5.  Monitor- We have the Summer Infant monitor and really love it, especially when we travel. There are so many out there and I know everyone has something different but this is the one we love.

6. Wubbanub-Who doesn't love the animals on the pippy!

7. Sound Machine-Even though Markey is a hard sleeper, this has really helped.

Other Items I love:

8. Uppababby Stroller-This was our big purchase and I am so pleased with it. We go walking everyday and he loves to be in it.

                        9. Aden and Anais body wash/lotion-I love the smell of this and am so
                       thankful Catherine introduced me to it.


Catherine Thoms said...

I'm so glad you have loved the Aden + Anais swaddlers and the baby wash. Two of our faves!!!!
p.s...I think Mark and Field should be on an advertisement for wubbanub!


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