I (Alison) can't believe I turned 30 last month. It came and went like any other day. Birthdays sure aren't as much fun when you have a newborn to care for. If only he knew what day it was he might have taken it easy on me! Mark got me a inflatable kayak. I am so excited about it because I have been wanting one forever.

Markey turned 2 months old, had gas, got his shots, had gas, slept through the night, had gas, had his first Halloween, and had gas.  Notice the pattern? The boy gets gas. He also rolled over from his belly to his back. I think it was an accident, but I'll put it down in his calendar as his first roll.

I am amazed at how hard being a mother is. People tell you beforehand, but you are never really prepared until you are put into the situation. It has been a wonderful 2 months, but it hasn't always been easy.



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