Modern Man

Before Markey was born, whenever I talked to men who had children they always said some iteration of the same idea: that having children, particularly the first, was a life changing experience. Not many went into the depth of the changes, and those who did only gave superficial examples. I've been really trying to work the whole thing out, life I mean.

When Markey was born and I was out and about by myself, I'd listen to "Modern Man" by Arcade Fire over and over again.

"Like a record that's skipping, I'm the modern man"
"And the the clock keeps ticking, I'm the modern man"

Later on

"I erase the number of the modern man"
"Wanna break the mirror of the modern man"

The most valuable thing on the planet to me is my life and lives of the people I love. That seems like a banal and obvious observation, one that most people I know would agree with. The rub is that most people don't act like they agree with it. The most valuable commodity is the time we have on the Earth. Time to be with our loved ones, time to acheive our dreams, and time to really live life.

From an economic point of view most folks will give up that most valuable of commodities, time, for a less valuable commodity, money, success, recognition, etc.  They'll work more to make more money to have more stuff. When they could work less, spend time with those loved ones, and truly live life.  I'm not dumping on work, or having material things, or satisfying one's ego. All those things have their place. I'm just struggling how to balance them all out within my own life.

I'm lucky enough to be able to make the choice to work less and live my life more. Many people in the United States and around the world are just trying to survive from one day to the next. I guess we all are, just on our own terms and in our own way.




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