Alison and I worked on the steering system last weekend. We were going to begin the installation of our  CapeHorn Windvane, and we noticed some play in our steering system. Basically, when we would turn the wheel 180 degrees from straight up, either to port or starboard, the rudder would not respond. If the wheel was turned further than 180 degrees the rudder would then respond and start moving. We have worm gear steering, which is attached to the rudder shaft by a bolt on coupling. Further down in the bowels of the boat the rudder shaft is attached to the rudder stock by a bronze coupling. That coupling was slipping and allowing for the excess movement. I had to remove the worm gear and the rudder shaft to adjust the coupling.  I was really too hot and sweaty and generally filthy to take pictures of the coupling down in the bottom of the boat.

With the steering fixed, we could start measuring for the Cape Horn installation. We had to be pretty precise with our measurements, because we had to drill a 2 1/2 inch hole in the transom. I thought drilling that big honking hole in the boat would be nerve wracking, but is wasn't too bad. We just triple checked the measurements and then let 'er rip. Once the hole was drilled we epoxied the horizontal mounting tube for the Cape Horn into the boat. We're going to launch the boat and finish the windvane installation at the house. There's no telling how long it'll take to finish the project, and we want to get the boat home before the baby arrives.



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