Last Tuesday we went in for our regular doctors appointment and had an ultrasound. We found out our baby was breech and they went ahead and scheduled me for a c-section Wednesday night. When I got to the hospital I did my paperwork, got blood drawn, was asked a thousand questions, got hooked up to the fetal monitor, and they started an iv. The nurse called my doctor and he wanted to do one last ultrasound to make sure he hadn't moved, which he was sure he did not.

Well....that little acrobat had turned almost 180 degrees. He wasn't completely head down but was very close. Called the doctor again and he said he would be there in an hour to check on me. He came and did another ultrasound and he was completely head down, so no need in having a c-section. Therefore, they sent me home.

So, projects have kinda paused on the boat for right now because we are currently playing the waiting game. I was due on August 24th but he decided it was too comfy inside and he doesn't want to come out. If he doesn't come before Thursday they will induce me that night.



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