We hauled the boat last month, unfortunately. I (Mark) installed a new secondary Racor fuel filter system on the diesel engine, and when I started the engine to check the system there was an awful clanking and rattling. I pored through all my repair books to no avail so, we called the professionals. Everyone we talked to recommended Charlie's Marine Diesel up in Elberta. They came by the house, and after one listen diagnosed the noise as a bad damper plate.  After other various problems were discovered, weak starter, injection pump leak, leaking rear seal, corroded oil cooler, etc., we decided to pull the engine. Since Open Book needed a bottom job and an out of water survey we hauled out too.

They got the engine out with not too much trouble. While the engine was officially out of the boat I painted the bilge. It turned out pretty well, and it looks a heck a lot better than before. I wish we had a picture of how nasty the bilge was before. The engine is back in, but we are not quite ready for the boat to be put back into the water. We have a few more chores that need to be completed beforehand.



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