When we first bought the boat it had some 1980's pattern of cushions in it. I decided we needed an update for many reasons but most importantly we needed a new look. Also, if the fabric had not been changed in 30 something was time.

Mark let me get them redone by a lady in Macon, MS. So, we packed the car and met her on the side of the road with 11 cushions to have redone. I chose some fabric from but ended up needing more than I ordered so I had to find some that would blend. That is when I chose a stripe for the births.





I am very pleased at how they turned out.  And since then Mark gave me an industrial sewing machine. I've sewn a few pillows and our bimini cover on our boat.

Do you have sewing tips?


Courtney McShan said...

So glad you are blogging again! I love keeping up with you guys!


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