Boot Stripe

While the boat is out of the water we are working on the bottom but we also decided our boot stripe needed to be redone. It had some nicks and dings and just looked worn. So we re-painted it. Took a half a day to tape it off and a half a day to paint. We think it turned out pretty good.

As you can see Mark has already done the hard part for the bottom job, sanding. The bottom has not been done since about 2011. When we pulled it out there were few barnacles and blisters, but it took him about 2 days to sand. I wish I had pictures of him sanding, he was covered in black bottom paint. It was a sight to see in this heat.

Don't let these pictures fool you, I did most of  the work on the boot stripe, at 8.5 months pregnant. I'm a master at taping the boat. So, if anyone needs any painting done on their boat and you need someone to tape it off, give me a call. Maybe wait till after the baby is born though.

This one is before (during the haul out) of the boot stripe. You can see the dings on the stern of the boat.



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