everyone needs a good female in their life...

An albino spotted deer in my parents backyard in Columbus. This was at 7 am.

Mark and I at the LSU vs. MSU game in Starkville.
Mark and I went to Columbus last weekend for the LSU game and a golf tournament with my family. We had a good time visiting with family and friends.
Mark has been working in Brewton, AL for an oil and gas company the past few weeks so he has put me in charge of working on the boat and calling electricians and engine repair guys. I had called this electrician for 2 weeks and he kept telling me he was working on our quote. They called Tuesday and said we are working up your quote right now, are you available to answer some questions. I wanted to jump through that phone and punch him.  Our enginge mechanic has been telling me he was coming to work on our engine for the past week...he now says he is 100% coming on Monday. We will see about that!
I think they all need a woman to run their businesses. I would get them organized and I would teach them how to call people back!!
I have also been painting and cleaning out the boat this past week...trying to get it looking like a home. So hopefully in the next few weeks I will be finished and can show pictures. We will see!

Keep motivated and positive!


janice A said...

I am glad to see a picture of that deer. I had heard about it, but I have never seen it.


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