oh dinghy, my dinghy

We went to pick up our dinghy from the repair man. For those that don't know, this little boat will get us to shore when we are anchored out in the ocean. If we don't want to pay docking fees at marinas, you can just anchor and dinghy in. So this is like our car...we don't want it to fall apart.

Well, we have had this dinghy for 2 years now and for 1 year it has been in a repair shop. The handles and name started to come unglued from the tubes. We filed a warranty claim with Walker Bay (the company who makes the boat) and they said they were going to pay for it. Now a year has passed and they still had not paid. So, we went to pick it up and paid the money for the repairs.

The nice repair man said this boat will never be any good and it will keep coming unglued. Upsetting us that we have a faulty boat, we emailed Walker Bay and explained the entire situation. They emailed back today and admitted it was a faulty boat and would offer us a new boat at cost and we would have to pay shipping. We are waiting on an email back because we do not think this a fair trade. They promised to pay the warranty claim and didn't and now they want us to buy another boat. I just don't know about that!!

So, hopefully in the next few days we will have a resolution.
Until next time...
Stay positive



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