what a tow

This is our beautiful sunset we got to enjoy......while getting a tow!!!
We went out on the boat all day on Friday and when we were coming back to dock our engine went out. Therefore, we were stuck out in Mobile Bay with our home not but an 1/8th mile away. We called TowBoat US and it was going to cost $1150 to tow us to our dock. Yes, you read that right.....$1150. I told them thank you but we will find another way. We called a friend that had been out of town for a few weeks to see if he happened to be back and he had just gotten to Sailboat Bay!! So, we got a tow while enjoying a beautiful sunset!!

When we got into the dock area we had some other nice neighbors trying to pull us in. This was an experience we will never forget but I really wish someone would have been filming it!! It was very stressful but comical!!! Next thing Mark gets to learn is how to become a diesel mechanic!!!



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