Yesterday we got an email from our insurance provider that our plan we chose was not going to cover pregnancy. No we are not pregnant and don't plan on getting pregnant..but you never know what will happen. So, we have to be prepared and updated our plan to include this option. WOW it is a lot more!! Why is insurance in the States so expensive? We could go to Mexico and have a procedure and it would be 1/2..no 1/3 the cost! Wish things could be different.

Also, yesterday we came back from working on the boat and our neighbor had left us dinner on our patio. What a great place we live in...retiree central!!

Today, I went shopping and got a rug for 2.99 for our boat....pictures to come. It is hard to go shopping on the VERY VERY strict budget we are on. So, I will be having a few craft projects to show for the next few months. I also plan to make this pillow...
It's $85 on etsy.com. We definitely can not swing that when we need a lot more important things for the boat than one pillow!!
Keep positive!


Catherine Thoms said...

You can totally make that pillow! Yours will probably even look better than that one! I wish we lived in the same town and we could have "crafts and cocktails" time every week! :)


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