changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes

So, it has been way way too long so let's get caught up.....
  1. Sold our house in 12 days to a great newlywed couple Kathryn and Chris Carson. Hope they enjoy it!
  2. Resigned from our teaching jobs at EMCC. Very scary experience for us. I am still teaching online so hopefully that will help us out with income.
  3. Moved out of our house May 12th
  4. Moved to Gulf Shores May 14th
  5. Brad Van Asselt came to visit us
  6. Victoria Rhett and Betsy Hicks came to visit
  7. Kayla Vaughn got married on June 4th to Seth Mosal.
  8. Saw Catherine and Kirk Thoms...oh how we have missed these 2!!
  9. Went to Italy for the month of June.
  10. Delta lost my luggage for a few days when we got home
  11. Found my luggage on July 4th
  12. Had a 4th of July party at the camp-house in Columbus
  13. Finally got back to Gulf Shores
  14. Went to Pensacola to watch the Blue Angles
  15. My brother and his family came to visit
  16. Mark got an infection in his only eye....this was no good
  17. Moved the boat from Mobile to Gulf Shores!!! (This is very exciting for us!!)
  18. Stressed out about getting health insurance...
  19. Got health insurance
  20. Learning Adobe Dreamweaver so we can create a website.....I have no idea what I am doing but we will see because they say it is not too bad
  1. NOW, it is time to get this boat ready to head south in November!!
This is going to now be a journal of our journey until we move it to the new website.
Stay positive!


Julie Davis said...

really love reading about yall's journey!!! Hope everything is smooth sailing for you guys!! LOL! Still sad that you won't be teaching me College Algebra though!! Have fun and Lord Bless you both!! (and Sampson!)

Julie Davis said...


Catherine Thoms said...

Love this! And love you! Hope y'all had so much fun in Italy..I want to see more pics! Hope everything is going good with the boat. You know I have to see you again at some point before y'all set sail...


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