What's in the Bag??

My wonderful friend Jamie tagged me in what's in your bag. Mark and I have been moving so this is going to be interesting and fun!!
The bag: An old white coach bag that I love dearly..Mark gave it to me a few years ago and still love it!!

The Contents:

Salt and Pepper Shakers: Just got these McKenzie Childs salt and pepper shakers and have not taken them out of the bag..after this picture they are now in the right place in the house!!
Tylenol: Everyone needs Head medicine
Lip Gloss and Chapstick: I am more of a chapstick girl than lots of lipstick.
Notepad: Anything I see for the house goes in this notepad
Gum: I love GUM
Crystal Lite Energy pack: I love putting this in my water bottle. Every teacher needs a boost
Paint Sticks: I have been painting our house so every bag needs paint stirrers...Right!!

Pens and Pencils: Red Pen for grading papers, Pencil for showing students how to do problems and my favorite black pen for doing everything else!
Watch: Michael Kors watch that gets a little heavy on the arm in the afternoon
Keys: To the condo
Cell Phone and Jump Drive
EMCC Id: Because people still think I am a student!!

The Wallet: a forever ago Hobo
Earbuds: For my afternoon walks
Tape Measure: Like I said We just moved into a house and I love to measure things
Tent stake: I have no idea where this came from but it was in the bottom of my purse
Bottom retainer: I have to keep my teeth straight
Wood Stain Markers: These are AMAZING. We have bumps on parts of our antique furniture and these work wonders!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
I would love to see what is in Catherine Thoms, Brittany Ridgeways, and Briana Hoods Bag!!

Have a wonderful week and weekend!!


Briana Hood said...

Thank you for tagging me! I love you and miss you!


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