Older but not Wiser

I thought growing older meant that you had all the knowledge you could have and could point the young ones in the right direction. Well, all the philosophers were wrong!! At my job I am the youngest instructor but feel like I am the only one that has ANY sense. It seems to me that the more these other instructors have been here, the crazier they have become. They are not in touch with reality anymore. They don’t want to work and are not happy with anything. I know Mississippi is in a serious budget cut and yes we will not be getting a raise in the near future…but YES you do still have to do the work they hired you to do. And, You may have to do more…so get over it!! I love my job!! I get to help our future minds get past their fear….MATH!! I get to break it down to them and show them that it is not as hard as you are making it out to be. I just wish everyone had the mind of this 26 year old!! :) HAHA
So, I look forward to the weekend which brings quite the adventure. Tonight, Victoria, Courtney, and I are going to eat and have a fun night. Tomorrow, Mark and I are going to Mobile to check on the boat. We will be back on Sunday and back to work on Monday. Yippee!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful week and an even better weekend!!



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