New Year..New You

I am so excited about this new year!! It is unbelievable to know we can start the year off with new goals and new attitudes. As most of you know, Mark and I bought a boat and plan on working most of the year on it. It needs some work from the inside to the outside so we can put it in the water and take some day sails. I am so excited to spend this time with my husband as we work together to make this dream come true. Also, we are renting a condo in Gulf Shores starting in February and I plan to spend a lot of time down there. I will be off from May to the beginning of August and plan to have a very relaxing and fun summer. Since I graduated high school, I have not had a summer to be lazy or travel. For 7 summers I have gone to school or worked while everyone else was having fun. It is definitely my time to be a bum!! In this cold weather I am surely dreaming of the beach and wishing I was there!!

Have a wonderful week!!



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