Mark has been out of town since Friday and won't be back till next Friday :( So I am going to have a lonely birthday this week...I guess all is well since I have to teach that night anyway!! But, I have a lot to look forward to on Friday: Markey comes home, Friends come to visit, Halloween Party, and Parents come to visit!! All in one weekend....doesn't get any better than that!!

Also, Betsy is having a BABY!!! Congratulations Bets and Jim!! We are so so happy for you two!!

Have a great week everybody!!
The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. - Lucille Ball


Catherine Bozeman Thoms said...

Happy REALLY REALLY late birthday! Im sorry you had to spend it without your hubby! :( Kirk was out of town at furniture market that same week so I had to spend our 2nd anniversary alone too! Wish we lived closer and we could have celebrated our birthday/anniversary together!!! :) Hope everything is going well in Columbus...we're coming back for Thanksgiving...we'll ya'll be in town? I miss you so much!


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