You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime!!

Twenty-five years ago today a friend was born!! I am very thankful I had Alicia during my time at MSU: (I saw this on someone else's blog)

A: Ambitious, Anxiety, Anthony’s, Artsy

B: Bold, Black Hair, Books, Black and White Pictures, Biological Engineering (shit this girl is smart), Baby Voice, The Bistro, Busy, Bridesmaid

C: Courageous, Chihuahuas, Chicago, Color coding her closet, well for that matter everything), Cycling, Catholic, China Exhibit, Coordinated (or not), Creative

D: Doctor, Dancer, Derby Days, Decorating

E: Energetic, Exec, Elitist

F: Fantasy Football, Facebook (she was the first person I knew that had it…during exam week..great time to start an addiction), Friendships, Food, Fights

G: Gidget, Glasses, Gamma Chi

H: Highlighters, High pitched voice (when she gets excited or nervous), Haircuts, Hawaiian Breeze Air fresheners

I: Interesting, Imitations

J: Jarretts, Jamaica

K: Karaoke, Key West, Knees

L: Leash, Loafing, Lip Sync, Las Vegas, Listener, Lido Deck, Leadership, Libraries, Love

M: Math Geek (we both have that going for us), Memphis Zoo, Mrs. Wright, Motherly, Med School, MSU, Motivated

N: Nigeria, New Orleans, North Carolina

O: Organizer, Orchids

P: Persistence, Planners, PHI MU, Pink, Professional Mover (I used her Freshman Year) , Pajamas, Parties, Pottery Barn, and yes Patrick

Q: Questionable Decisions (just not her…we all had them), Question Asking

R: Rice Hall 2nd Floor, Roomates, Running, Riley, Reading

S: Sex and the City, Studying, School Supplies, St. Agnes, A good Snifer

T: Target, Teacher, Toyota 4 Runner, TESTS

U: Unbelievable heart, Unmade bed (every morning she made me make my bed)

V: Valentine’s Day, The Veranda

W: Wine, Wonderer, Wasted (I held that hair back a few times)

X: X-Box, X-mas

Y: Young at heart, Yesterday (feels like yesterday we were roommates)

Z: Zygotes (sorry the only word I could think of that started with a Z)

I wish you all the best and may all your dreams come true!!


Alicia said...

This is funny, and I love it! Thank you Ali-cat! I love you!


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