Never be afraid to try something new....

"Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic"
I am taking on a new project (along with the billion other things I already do!!)....I'm going to make some curtains for our dining room. I'll wait while you all get your laugh out........


I am not the best homemaker, so I want to become the ideal wife. Mrs. Kathy is amazing at all things family, house, cooking related where I fall flat on my face. I try but always come up short. So, hopefully I will succeed at this task and I will let you know how it progresses...!!

A side note, the holidays are quickly approaching and I am super super excited!! The house is already decorated for fall and am more excited about Christmas!!! At this time last year, Mark and I were in the pool house and had no house to, I decorated 2 trees at EMCC, my parents, and helped Mrs. Kathy with hers. Now you know how excited I am about this!!! I have been talking about decorating Christmas trees as a side job and I have my first one!!! During Thanksgiving I will be decorating a Church in New Hope...wish me luck..we'll see how it goes!!

Have a wonderful weekend...GO DAWGS!!!


Catherine Bozeman Thoms said... are selling yourself short! I know you are a wonderful homemaker! I know I haven't seen your house in columbus yet, but your house in starkville was adorable!!! I'm sure your curtains will turn out great! The next time we're home, I will have to come over and see them!


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