This past weekend Mark and I went to Nacagdoches, TX for his cousin Joel's wedding. We had a great time driving and seeing parts of Louisiana that I have never seen. The wedding was great but we ended up leaving early and decided to drive home...7 hours. We left about 8:30 pm so if we drove all the way home we would get back home at about 3:30 am. Instead, we decided to stop in Jackson to see some friends...Jim Hunter, Jennifer, and Whitney. So, Mark had two drinks and us girls got to catch up..thus we didn't get home until about 5:30 am. Needless to say we slept all day Sunday. It was fun and I am glad we came home so we could sleep in our own bed!!
Yesterday, Mark and his dad went to Hattiesburg to pick up some plants and I finished ALL my Christmas shopping!!  Yippee!! I love Christmas and I am so happy to not have to work for the next 3 weeks!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



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