The Netherlands

For the past two weeks, we have had the privilege of having 10 students and one instructor from The Netherlands visit us at work. Mark and I both agree that it was a wonderful experience for us. Delfi, a lady at work, was in charge of them for the two weeks they were in Mississippi. They went to college classes at EMCC, toured plants in our area, toured MSU, went to Tuscaloosa, and even went to Tupelo to see the Automobile Mueseum, Elvis' birth place and the mall. But most of all they had "fun" at night. In the Netherlands they can drink at the age of 16, but can not drive until they are 18!! It is crazy...but all they wanted to do was drink.      Mark and I and a bunch of coworkers took them to eat at The Veranda last Friday night and what an experience it was. They had no idea what to order since they think all of our food is fattening!! Can you imagine that...Mississippi having fattening way! I think they all survived on our food but they just couldn't believe how much we ate.
      Anyway, they absolutely loved Mark. They even wa
nted him to come to the Netherlands during Christmas. I said if he goes I go!! (that's only fair, right) Maybe it is because he is close to their ages but everyday they asked "where is Mark?" or "do you want to go drink some beer with us?" Mark was very good with them
 because he just talked to them like they had been his friends forever.
      All in all it we had a great two weeks that I will never forget!!
Here are some pictures of us during these two weeks. The ones where we are in hard hats is all of us touring the PACCAR plant. PACCAR engines are from the Netherlands and the plant manager/engineer is from the Netherlands as well. So, he took us on a very muddy tour of the plant. (it had been raining for the past few days)

 Also, the only thing I can remember them teaching me in dutch was how to say I love you:  Ik hou van jou! 


amanda said...

Ik hou van jou Ally!


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