Hail Dear Ole State

So, tomorrow at this time we will be on the beautiful campus of MSU tailgating with my wonderful family! This year we were fortunate enough to aquire a new tent. I say acquire because we actually WON it!! Let me explain: me, my dad, and two brothers always play in an alumni golf tournament in Starkville. We usually do pretty well but we never win anything worth anything! This year we did not play well at all. There is a raffle at night and since our team did not do great, we did not want to stay long!! Therefore, Ryan (my brother) and myself gave our raffle tickets to one of his friends..we told him he could have whatever we won as long as it wasn't the tent. Well, well, well we got a call the next morning and we won the TENT!! We couldn't believe it at all...we never win ANYTHING!!! Our luck has turned around and now the DAWGS luck needs to turn around!!




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