The Month of Nuptials

So, I guess August is a great month to get married!! Mark and I have gone to 3 weddings just in this month, we are ready for a break from them for a while! This is a picture from his cousins rehearsal dinner in Chapel Hill, NC. It was our first time to visit Chapel Hill, so all day Saturday we walked around the town and campus. The campus is absolutely beautiful!! If we ever go and get our PhD's, this is the place to go!
Also this month, Samson turned 1!! We both love him so much and I would like to thank Whitney for talking Mark into letting me get him last year!!
On to the tight living situations of the pool house!! It has been an interesting four weeks, going from a 3 bedroom house to about a total of 500 square feet!! Needless to say we have been looking for a house to buy, just haven't found that perfect one!!


amanda said...

Look at all the Alexanders! I love them all!
miss you ally!


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