Things Happen..

So it has been a while since the last post....6 months to be exact!! A lot has happened since then...I'll fill you in:
For Marks birthday we went to Daytona Beach, Fl where I had a two day interview with Daytona Beach Community College. It was fun to have some time off and explore a new place. We decided that was not t
he place we wanted to live and it was a good thing since I didn't get the job!
For Spring Break (Yes Mark and I still get Spring Break and it is great!!) we went on a week long tour of Florida. We started in Destin, went to Apalachicola, 
then down to St. Pete and ended up in Sarasota. It was fun to take a tou
r of Florida but we were really glad to get back!!
In April we had two of my friends from high school to get married. The first was Lindsey Swedenburg and the second was Amy Gillis. They were both beautiful brides and I am so happy they are married.
In between the two wedding weekends we flew up to 
New York for the weekend to see the
 Pope!! It was amazing!! We saw him ride down 5th Av. on 
Saturday and then say mass in Yankee stadium on Sunday!! It was wonderful! We also went to eat Saturday night at Bobby Flay's restaurant Bar Americain (it was so great!!). Then we spent Monday shopping!!
The first weeken
d in May we went to Orange Beach for a wine tasting festival. Nee
dless to say we had a good time at that since I love wine!!
We also celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I can't believe it has already been one year..time flies when you are having fun!!
I also was busy studying for core exams, which were the first week of June, and starting to get ready to teach.

Took core exams June 9th and June 11th and passed all 3 (thank goodness)!! So I now have my Masters in Math!!
The weekend after core exams I went to the beach for Betsy Waters' bachelorette party and Mark went Biloxi to sail
ing school!! Mark had a great time and loved everything about it!!
For July 4th Mark and I, my parents, my 
grandmother, and my brother and his family all went to Pensacola Beach and stayed at the Portofina. It was beautiful and we all were so happy my grandmother wanted to come!!
For the past week we have kept Meredith's little yorkie, Presley. She and Samson were so cute and they had so much fun together!!
Samson had a little girlfriend for a week!!
We also went to Betsy Waters' wedding last night and it was so much fun!! I passed out programs and it was nice to see people I haven't seen in forever. 

Sorry this was so long but now everyone is caught up on what has been going on in the Alexander household!! Now I will have some time to keep it updated!!


Lee Herrin said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! You look beautiful! Hope you and Mark are doing great!

TheEatons said...

Hey Alison-thanks for the sweet comment about Carter-he is such a blessing! I'm so glad to know yall are doing great! Talk to you soon!

amanda said...

ALLY! You did not tell me about your secret blog - you sly little thing.
I love it! Now I can keep up with you guys.

Rebecca said...

alison....what a sweet blog! i have one too!!!


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